A simple yet effective option for ticket book binding, a stitch and tape method is durable enough to withstand a whole season of use while being cost-effective. Your basic booklet is stitch bound; staples do most of the work holding the pages together, and tape is used over top to prevent scratching. The tape also gives your books stability as tickets are torn out, allowing them to keep their shape even as you get down to the last remaining tickets.

Stitch & Tape is the industry standard for a reason, and the most popular method for binding season ticket books, as chosen by our customers. Stitching can be placed on the left side, right side, or top of ticket booklets, giving you flexibility in design for your tickets. This allows for either horizontal or vertical ticket book design in a variety of sizes. Most commonly, binding tape is black, but other colors can be ordered as well if you’d like to customize your season ticket book design. See examples of different layouts and hover over the images below to learn more.


Wire-O books are similar to the sort of spiral bound books you may have used in school, or for taking notes at the office. They are a strong, durable binding option; we punch the ticket sheets and use wire coil threaded through holes on one side to hold everything together. A Wire-O booklet is extremely nice to flip through because it allows your pages to lay flat, making it easy to find and access your tickets. It also means the book doesn’t snap shut on you, or distort the tickets inside in any way. This sort of ticket book is also very suited to adding perforation dies between tickets as well as additional security features. You can also include different pages containing membership cards or specialty papers.

There are a few different ways of handling ticket book layouts with Wire-O bindings. One option is to place your tickets together based on the numbers of seats purchased, grouping those tickets next to each other on each page. Alternatively, we can make separate books for each seat, allowing family members or friends to each hold onto their own booklet with the tickets for just their seat. See examples of different layouts and hover over the images below to learn more.


The Saddle Stitch binding option is perfect for thinner booklets to make mailing them out simple and cost-effective. A saddle stitched book can fit into standard envelopes without issue, and has a low profile. We stitch the spine without tape, but it is still sturdy enough to stand up to multiple uses, and makes the booklet more easily portable. The spine is also scored to allow books to lay flat because we use heavier, quality ticket stock than many companies which offer saddle stitched bindings.

Saddle stitch books or magazine style books are an economical option because the binding requires fewer production steps. If you’re looking to reduce the costs of producing a book for smaller event series, this is an ideal option. Printing full color on all pages is available, and it doesn’t change your job cost for the same number of pages as doing them all black and white! See examples of different layouts and hover over the images below to learn more.


If you’ve ever read a softcover book, you’re familiar with the look and feel of perfect binding. Just like how a softcover book is constructed, glue binds the ends of individual pages to the cover. A great option for season ticket books of any size, perfect binding is sturdy, low profile, and can be used to give books a more upscale and commemorative feel, allowing the design of your book and tickets to take center stage. The convenient form factor of perfect bound season ticket books allows you to store them just about anywhere; bookshelf, briefcase, tote bag, sitting on the coffee table, or anywhere else you might toss the book.

Perfect bound books are also flexible in terms of the kind of content you can include, and give great versatility in layout. You can include your tickets, parking passes, drink coupons, corporate sponsors, venue & season information, and more! Personalization is also easy to do with perfect binding, allowing you to include parking hangtags and even wristbands all printed with the correct variable data. Account holder name and address can be printed right on the covers for convenient mailing with window envelopes. See examples of different layouts and hover over the images below to learn more.


Glued Books are pad-style books held together by running glue along the spine, similar to a lot of notepads. Just like a notepad, it’s simple to peel off tickets as you go, without the need for adding perforations or extra margin space around a ticket design. These simple season ticket books are easy to use and can be very compact. Glued books are our most economical option for binding our products, if you’re looking to reduce the cost of pulling together season ticket packages. It can also be used to bind another pad-style product option like parking passes for ease of storage and use by event staff.

The basic glued book is made up of just your tickets with a soft cardstock cover and back page. If you’d like them to be a little sturdier, an optional chip board can be included as the back of the book for support and to prevent bending of the tickets. To ensure all the tickets stay together even through rougher treatment, the glued spine can also optionally be reinforced with tape, similar to the stitch & tape binding method. See examples of different layouts and hover over the images below to learn more.

Over size and custom Books

When you want your season ticket books to include commemorative pages, great big images, or impressive graphic design, an oversized and/or custom option might be the right choice. To turn a simple book of tickets into a valuable souvenir, guide book, or other larger-scale product, we offer a variety of services aimed to help you realize your vision for admissions products.

Oversized and custom books have a variety of binding options; they can be wire-o bound, perfect bound (think hard cover books), or bound with a post and screw depending on page quantity. These specialty books require special resources and can extend the production timelines listed for our standard book options, but are beautifully crafted and worth the wait time. For when you want to provide a truly special product to your season ticket holders, premier supporters, or high-level members, these books are a great choice. Request a quote below and provide us with the kind of specifications you’d want to see from your dream ticket book, season brochure, or another custom book project.

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