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We offer 4 types of event raffle tickets that are available to order online. Our raffle roll tickets are the smallest ticket available. The DIY Full Color Raffle Tickets are the most popular and are an excellent option to customize your fundraiser. Chinese raffle tickets provide 20 tickets on a single sheet and come in a pack of 500 sheets. Our raffle tickets on a budget are printed with your event information on a colored stock of your choice.

DIY Full Color Raffle tickets DIY Full Color Raffle tickets
Raffle Roll Tickets
  • For an all purpose raffle situation, the raffle roll tickets are the most basic option. Roll tickets are a clean and simple solution to a raffle with one grand prize, or just a few runner up prizes for 2nd and 3rd place winners. Roll tickets also work well for door prizes at a 50/50 raffle. This fundraising method is quite simple; The double roll ticket has a 'KEEP THIS COUPON' printed on the stub for your audience, and a second ticket that you keep in your possession to pull the winner from. These tickets are sequentially numbered and have an easy-to-tear perforation. If you are looking to customize, DIY Raffle Roll Tickets are printed with your event details on each ticket.

DIY Full Color Raffle tickets DIY Full Color Raffle tickets
DIY Full Color Raffle Tickets
5.75" x 2.875" with a 1.5" stub
  • Choose from a wide variety of full color, event-themed raffle tickets that are ideal for situations where you really want to stand out. Whether it’s a fundraiser, tournament, or social event, the option to personalize and create your own design easily with instant preview will really take your raffle up a notch. These large raffle tickets are particularly recommended when your raffle has higher stake prizes to be awarded. The higher the stakes, the more that you’ll want large, full color, professional tickets to engage your audience so that they’ll buy more tickets and you will raise more money!

DIY Full Color Raffle ticketsDIY Full Color Raffle tickets
Chinese Raffle Tickets
8.5" x 4" with 20 tickets and 1 prize ticket
  • When you have a lot of prizes on hand, the best way to conduct a raffle may actually be to combine the elements of both a raffle and an auction. This is called a Chinese Raffle. The origins of this kind of auction might come from China or might come from the idea of a "chance auction" and may also be called by names like penny raffle, penny social, tricky tray, or pick-a-prize. So how does it work? The basic concept has two parts: the "auction" phase and the "raffle" phase. During the auction phase, bidders purchase as many tickets as they would like and place them in designated containers in front of the auction items as a "bid" or chance to win. At the conclusion of all bidding, a raffle is held where a winning ticket is drawn for each item. Participants may increase their chance of winning by bidding more tickets on one specific item. This method works particularly well when you have more than 3 prizes to give out, and you’re holding an event where the prizes can be spread out and displayed. Guests should have the opportunity to peruse the variety of items offered, much like they would for a silent auction. These work well at charity events, school festivals, and all sorts of fundraisers. The tickets also have a door prize stub which allows another raffle for which only one ticket per sheet may be submitted giving everyone equal opportunity to win. Chinese Raffle Tickets are an off-the-shelf product and can be shipped the same day if ordered by 2pm EST. DIY Chinese Raffle Tickets are customized online and printed with your event details on each ticket.

Raffle tickets on a budget DIY Full Color Raffle tickets
Raffle Tickets on a Budget
5.5" x 2.83" with a 1.75" stub
  • Sometimes, simple is better. If you’re looking for the most economical way to offer a raffle, there are certainly tickets to match your budget. These are simple single raffle tickets on colored paper stock. Your raffle goers can add their information on the front and you have the flexibility to choose your font, style alignment, and to add additional lines of text. The back of the raffle ticket can be used to upload an image and add any text or disclaimer that you might need. So there really is an option for everyone.

Simply select the best raffle ticket for your event and order your raffle tickets online. Whether you are looking for a basic or a custom designed raffle for your fundraising event, we can help you identify which ticket type is best for you. Our off-the-shelf raffle tickets will ship the same business day if ordered by 2pm EST. The design-it-yourself raffles ship within 5 business days.

CUSTOM raffle tickets

If none of the solutions offered above fit your needs, we certainly invite you to call in to our helpful customer service team. We would be happy to produce a custom order that will best suit your fundraising event.

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No matter what cause you’re fundraising for, or what kind of raffle you decide to offer, the process should be fun and exciting for everyone involved.