Worldwide Ticketcraft can print all of YOUR promotional and advertising needs as well as tickets and direct mail to your customers using our fulfillment services.

This printed piece COULD provide your season ticket holders WITH:

  • • Payment plan options and order renewal forms
  • • Tickets to future events
  • • Back stage passes or meet and greet photo opportunities
  • • Special deals to sponsors that have agreed to be a part of the brovoice
  • • Exclusive access to pre-sale tickets
  • • Dining options before and after the show
  • • VIP passes, badges and favors for the upcoming season
  • • Preferential valet parking
  • • Seating Exchange/Upgrades
  • • A personal letter from the Director or Foundation Chair
  • • Changes in retail partners management. i.e new chef or new menus
  • • ADA information and availbility

Fulfillment Packages

It’s like a personal news release addressed to your customers by name and tailored to meet their individual needs. It keeps them informed of your promotional campaigns, gives them a heads up on future shows, and makes it easier for them to access exclusive opportunities.

The brovoice is not just for the performing arts.

This marketing strategy is perfectly suited to the sporting industry as well. Contact season ticket holders with the schedule of future games and advertise a special deal for advance ticket purchases, or offer them different seating for particular games or shows. Offer them access to tickets for future events before they become available to the public. You can add food coupons depending on the ticket package selected and maybe add free or preferential VIP parking. Advanced reservations can be offered in stadium or nearby restaurants and coupons for cafes helping your patrons avoid waiting in parking lot traffic right after an event.

The brovoice is a perfect medium for delivering news like:

  • • New management
  • • Different coaching staff
  • • Signing of a new player
  • • New stadium
  • • Hosting an all-star game or special event
  • • Target mailing to Non-profits
  • • Area businesses
  • • Schools for group outings at discounted rates

All of this information can be laid out together in one complete package…in an attractive “Brovoice”. Further, space can be made available for sponsors of the events that can include specific and detailed advertising information. This could help reduce printing and advertising costs. Sponsors can get the opportunity to get in front of your patrons during off season.

In addition Worldwide Ticketcraft, through its fulfillment services, will remove the worry and concern of stuffing your brovoices and getting them to your season ticket holders and patrons – on time. We can even send out e-mail alerts letting your customers know to expect their brovoices. We offer many options of delivery, including US Mail, US Postal Mail Initiatives (UPSMI), UPS, Fed-X, and even Trucking options, delivered to all cities in the US and Canada.


Get in touch with us at 877-426-5754 and ask about how we can help you get in touch with your customers all year round.

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