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Invitation Styled Tickets

Tickets as invitations give you that real event experience and double as a keepsake.

  • Size: 2.75" x 7.5" with 1" Stub
  • Full Color
  • Printed on durable stock
  • Numerous themes to select from
  • Or, upload your own file
  • Numerous bar colors to select from
  • Select your Day, Date and Time
  • 8 Lines of text select style, type and justification
  • Upload map, picture, directions or notes for reverse side printing
  • Decorative bar code
  • Preview instantly
  • Ships within 5 days

Invitation Ticket Features

Our Ticket Style Invitations make perfect keepsakes that create a memory for special events such as proms, graduations, showers, performances, parties or ceremonies. The tickets are designed by you, incorporating your own artwork, pictures or logo. Or you can select a theme from our library. You choose the text, the day date and time, and upload whatever information you want to appear on the reverse side of the ticket. These novelty tickets are perfect to commemorate special events

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