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Chinese Raffle Ticket
20 Chip Chinese Raffle Ticket Features


Chinese Raffle Ticket
25 Chip Chinese Raffle Ticket Features



Chinese Raffle Tickets or Chinese Auction Tickets, also known as penny sales, penny socials, and tricky trays, combine the elements of a conventional auction with the chance of an everyday raffle.

In a Chinese auction, bidders are not prospective buyers (as in the conventional English auction). Instead, they buy tickets, which are essentially chances to win items. Bidders may buy as many tickets as they like, and bid them on any item(s) they want by placing them in a basket or other container in front of the item(s) they are trying to win. At the conclusion of bidding, the winning ticket is drawn from the tickets bid on each item, and the item is given to the owner of that ticket.

A bidder may increase the chance of winning by buying and bidding more tickets on a specific item. Although there is generally no limit to the number of tickets a given individual may bid on a specific item, the chance of winning depends on the total number of tickets bid by all individuals.

Our tickets also have a door prize stub which allows another raffle for which only one ticket per sheet may be submitted giving everyone equal opportunity to win.

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