iJP Thermal Printer

iJP Thermal Printer

Box Office in a BoxExpand your box Office printer's usefulness by adding credentials, parking tags, wristbands merchandise tags and more.
  • Easy serviceability: No tools or experience required to replace the most critical parts
  • Easy loading: Horizontal split cabinet with rear hinge slows for easy ticket loading
  • Rugged construction: Double wall construction for durability
  • Large graphical display: Allows for quick and easy changes
  • Adjustable sensor: Allows for art placement where you desire
  • Optional wireless: WiFi and Bluetooth communication

Box Office in a Box is a great way for you to sample the products that can be used with our IJP Desktop Thermal Printer. Included with the IJP printer is a supply of blank white thermal paper stock used for a number of different products.

thermal tickets

Admissions Tickets

Create your own box office with our standard 2” x 5.5” thermal admission ticket stock with a 1” perforation and a black bar 1 3/16” from the leading edge. These tickets can be used for theater performances, sporting events, festivals and museums

Thermal Wristbands


Our ¾” x 10” pressure sensitive thermal wristband come with a black bar 4” from the edge. The wristbands are waterproof, tamper and tear resistant.

Thermal Credentials

Credentials and Passes

3” x 4” thermal paper credentials are a perfect way to print an access pass or ID badge on the fly. The credentials are slotted and have a ½ inch black mark 2 1/2” from the leading edge. These credentials make perfect temporary access badges for concerts, shows and festivals.

Thermal Hangtags

Thermal Hang Tags

Our 3 x 7 thermal hand tags are die cut for easy hanging and include a 1 perforation for a stub and a black bar 5 3/8 from the lead edge. They are perfect for temporary parking passes.

Thermal Coat Checks

Coat Checks

Coat checks are 2 ½” x 3 ¼” with a ¼” black bar 1” from the leadi edge. They come with a 3/8” hole punch and are offered in a choice of 6 different colors.

Thermal Merchandise Tags

Merchandise Tags

Merchandise tags are 1.3” x 3” with a 1/8” tag hole, a stub perforation at .3” and a solid bar black mark at 1” from the lead edge.

Order blank stock on rolls or fan folded. They are great for price tags, alteration tags, layaway tags, sale tags and luggage check tags. Order by 2:00 pm and receive same day delivery