Allowing us to fulfill your orders will free up time for you!

All you need to do is simply fill out a few details listed below and send it along with a spreadsheet listing your patrons name, address and seating manifest.  Once we have processed and completed fulfillment we will either send the tickets to the individual patron or to you.  It’s that easy!

Approximate number of accounts to be fulfilled   ________


Method of Packaging: Envelope_________   Box ________ Other________


Packaging supplied by: Worldwide Ticketcraft ________   *Client ________
*if client is supplying envelopes and the envelopes are being shipped USPS, then the envelopes must open on the same edge the stamp is located on.


Method of Shipping:  USPS _______ (no tracking available shipping USPS)

                                     UPS Ground ______ UPS 2Day  ______ UPS
Next Day ______

                                     (UPS does not ship to P.O. Boxes-Must have street address)

                                      Other ________


Inserts: Yes _______   No _________

              If Yes, how many? ______

                  Client Supplied ________ Worldwide Ticketcraft produced _______

Ship fulfilled order to: Individual Patron ________   To client _______



Base Charge:          
$ .55 each account (Includes 1st numbered or reserved piece

Insert 2nd Numbered or Reserved Piece:
$ .15 each piece or bundle            

Insert Each Additional Numbered or Reserved Piece:
$ .10 each piece or bundle                                                      

Insert Un-Numbered Piece: First Piece
$ .10 each piece or bundle

Insert Un-Numbered Piece: Second Piece
$ .08 each additional piece
Apply Label to envelope:
$ .15 each envelope                 

Certified Mail (Applying Signature Cards):
$ .15 each envelope                                                  

PULL Charges:        
$ 5.00 each pull or change.
(When a consecutive control number is imprinted on tickets/labels and the pull or
change is received prior to start of the inserting process.)
$ 9.00 each pull or change.
(With no consecutive control number imprinted on tickets or labels)                     

Postage-Priority Service:
Current postal rates

Return Receipt:                  
Current postal rates

Based on volume, weight and service. An additional $5.00 will apply on all
Residential deliveries.


We provide postal documentation on all orders, postage must be pre-paid by client, any overpayment of postage will be credited to the order.

Envelopes are quoted upon request.