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Printing Custom Labels at Worldwide Ticketcraft

Worldwide Ticketcraft is pleased to introduce our new line of label products.

printed labels

Worldwide can now print and meet your label needs with the same service and quality you’ve experienced from your admission applications. We are unique in the label industry with two digital presses for short run high quality work and 4 web presses with up to ten colors for longer run applications.

We welcome Kevin Longueil to help us grow in the industry of labels. Kevin has spent over 30 years selling and printing in the label trade. During this tenure he owned and ran a successful label company for 15 years.

Please find more information on the following label categories:

Health and Beauty


Household Labels

Flexible Packaging

Kevin may be reached at 877-426-5754 ext 409 to discuss potential opportunities or quotation needs.

Worldwide Ticketcraft is your one stop source to meet all your printing needs.

Personalized Calendars at the Patron Technology Conference

Patron Technology Conference in NYC August 26-27-28, 2015

booth 1The conference showcased Patron Technology software, a CRM that assists venues with ticketing, fund raising and salesforce which keeps the user on the cusp of technology. Worldwide Ticketcraft was fortunate to have a table directly outside the presentation rooms, which lead to a great deal of exposure. Our table of goods was quite colorful as we exhibited many different printed items that each user could order and use. Items included custom thermal ticket stock, generic blank tickets, parking hang tags, brochures, bro-voices, rack cards, gift cards – and more.


One of the highlights included the items we printed and handed out to each attendee – a personalized calendar that offered the recipient’s name incorporated into each of the 12 month’s photos. At one point we had more than 50 people surrounding the table looking for their calendars and admitting how wonderful it was to see the items they could use in their venue that did not even know – existed. Our personalized calendar will soon be available for purchase on our Ticket Chefs website and available to everyone!

(left to right) Rob Zingarelli, Gene Carr, Mark Famiglietti

(left to right) Rob Zingarelli, Gene Carr, Mark Famiglietti

Another important highlight included the presentation that Erik Covitz, our CEO & President conducted, with an accompanying power point for all to see, based on the importance of personalization for our patrons. During the presentation, we handed out additional samples and information.

(left to right) Erik Covitz, Robert Friend

(left to right) Erik Covitz, Robert Friend

In the end we educated and met a lot of potential clients who will no doubt use our printed products in the weeks and months ahead. It was a great event with new friends and familiar faces.