29th Annual Teacher of the Year Awards!

RotaryBook2015_CoverWorldwide Ticketcraft had the honor to produce and print the program guide for the Rotary Club of Boca Raton Sunrise – 29th Annual Teacher of the Year Award ceremony. Each year 22 teachers from Boca Raton public schools in Palm Beach County, Florida, are recognized for their accomplishments in the class room. This illustrious event has grown from its inception of a small group, to over 200 people this year.

The program guide consists of paid donation ads, letters from each schools’ principal and a list of Teachers who have been recognized in past years. The guide was a success and well accepted by all.
TOY_RotaryBocaRatonSunrise-3287The gala event was generously offered by the Office Depot Foundation to be held at the Office Depot auditorium in Boca Raton which was a fitting venue and very well staged. A former local TV news anchor, Claudia Shea in her new role as host presenter for the Palm Beach Educational Network was master of ceremonies.  A camera crew filmed the entire evening festivities and streamed them so family members outside our local community could watch the event live from their home computers.

TOY_RotaryBocaRatonSunrise-28763The night opened with a scrumptious dinner followed by welcoming remarks from the President of the Boca Sunrise Rotary – Ira “Rusty” Herschbein. The stage then welcomed Frank A. Barbieri, Jr., Esq. – Vice Chairman on the School Board of Palm Beach County, who introduced each teacher who was nominated. A short movie clip of each teacher was displayed on a massive screen before each walked onto the stage, which was quite emotional to see their devotion to the children during a normal school day.

TOY_RotaryBocaRatonSunrise-3321The teacher recognized as best in their school this night were, Chris Amico, Jonathan Benskin, Charisse Cason, Katie Delucia, Lisa Drescher, Lori Eaton, Dawn Esposito, Jennifer Hammer, Alicia Kaucher, Alexandra Laing, Courtney Lockhart, Ana Millet, Suzette Milu, Charna Rosenfeld, Beth Rubin, Denise Rudy, Jane Simonsen, Doris Vaillancourt-Milano, Kristy Verzaal, Lori Vetter, Cheryl Walling, and Ellen Winikoff on receiving this year’s Teacher of the Year Award.

In the end everyone left on a high note knowing that a good deed was done in giving something back to the teachers that educate and mold the children and future of our community – and beyond.

– R. Zingarelli

12th Annual Worldwide Hoops Pool

hoops1512th Annual Worldwide Hoops Pool

We recently completed the 12th Annual Worldwide Hoops Pool for the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  Each year Worldwide Ticketcraft’s staff, clients, friends, and family join together to enter March Madness brackets on  We had one of our largest groups with 69 brackets this year.  Congratulations to the Duke University Blue Devils on their triumphant run through the tournament.

To our honored list of past results, we add Buck Rogers as our 2015 Champion (who had the high score of 116 points).  Our second place finisher was Michael Jurewicz with 108 points and third place goes to Michael Turner (my brother) with 106 points.  Michael Turner was the only player to select Duke to win, but could not overcome two players that had Kentucky in the final four and Wisconsin vs. Duke in the final game.  We had six players tie with 46 games selected correctly out of the 63 games in the tournament.  From the staff at Worldwide Ticketcraft, the top spot was claimed by Brian Rogers (who finished 5th overall with 105 points).

We updated our Facebook page for the pool.  All the past results have been posted along with a few items just for fun.  Please visit the page and “like” it to keep in touch as we prepare for next year’s Hoops Pool.  We look forward to 2016 and hope all the participants will join again and bring all your friends that love basketball.  For more information, please contact Mark Turner.