12th Annual Worldwide Hoops Pool

hoops1512th Annual Worldwide Hoops Pool

We recently completed the 12th Annual Worldwide Hoops Pool for the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  Each year Worldwide Ticketcraft’s staff, clients, friends, and family join together to enter March Madness brackets on CBSsports.com.  We had one of our largest groups with 69 brackets this year.  Congratulations to the Duke University Blue Devils on their triumphant run through the tournament.

To our honored list of past results, we add Buck Rogers as our 2015 Champion (who had the high score of 116 points).  Our second place finisher was Michael Jurewicz with 108 points and third place goes to Michael Turner (my brother) with 106 points.  Michael Turner was the only player to select Duke to win, but could not overcome two players that had Kentucky in the final four and Wisconsin vs. Duke in the final game.  We had six players tie with 46 games selected correctly out of the 63 games in the tournament.  From the staff at Worldwide Ticketcraft, the top spot was claimed by Brian Rogers (who finished 5th overall with 105 points).

We updated our Facebook page for the pool.  All the past results have been posted along with a few items just for fun.  Please visit the page and “like” it to keep in touch as we prepare for next year’s Hoops Pool.  We look forward to 2016 and hope all the participants will join again and bring all your friends that love basketball.  For more information, please contact Mark Turner.

10 New Ways to Use Your Ticket Printer


Intix 2015 logoA Successful Presentation at INTIX 2015

Worldwide Ticketcraft attended the International Ticketing Association’s (INTIX) 36th Annual Conference & Exhibition in Denver, Colorado, January 13th to the 15th, 2015.

INTIX is a nonprofit membership organization committed to leading the forum for the entertainment ticketing industry. INTIX represents over 1000 ticketing, sales, technology, finance, and marketing professionals who work in arts, sports, and entertainment as well as a full range of public venues and institutions. Members represent organizations from across the United States, Canada and 25 countries from around the globe.

The Conference & Exhibition is a three-day event that includes a comprehensive educational program highlighting industry trends and innovations, an exhibition featuring companies that offer a wide range of ticketing products and services and opportunities to network with peers and business partners.

One of the training sessions, “10 New Ways to Use Your Ticket Printer,” was presented by Worldwide Ticketcraft and the Thrasher-Horne Center for the Arts (Orange Park, FL).   The presentation was very well attended with over 100 members of the association attending.  Links to the presentation PDF file and the Microsoft® Word documents are included below.

Attendees were led through a detailed explanation of how to use Microsoft® Mail-merge and common thermal ticket printers to produce a wide variety of items such as coupons, vouchers, and gift certificates that are customized for your venue without any additional software or hardware to purchase. The presentation explained how to use the items to reduce costs and increase revenue.  Also, the presentation demonstrated how to design items that are great souvenirs for patrons and effective advertisements for sponsors.

INTIX 2015 speakersThe speakers at the presentation were Erik Covitz, Mark Turner, and Anna Zirbel.

Erik Covitz, President & CEO of Worldwide Ticketcraft, has over twenty-five years of experience working in the ticketing business. He founded Worldwide Ticketcraft in 1999.  As Company President, he looks forward to the challenge of bringing new ideas to the ticket industry. He is a member of Rotary International, Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity and INTIX. Erik resides in Boca Raton, FL with his wife Debbie and their children Jessica and Benjamin.

Mark Turner, Vice President of Information Systems, joined Worldwide Ticketcraft in 2002 and brought eighteen years of experience specializing in tickets, ticket printers and ticketing software. He began his career at Lasergate Systems, a company that pioneered barcoded ticket and wristband systems for the sports and entertainment industries.

Anna Zirbel, Director of Marketing & Sales, has been with the Thrasher-Horne Center for the Arts in Orange Park, Florida since 2005. Anna founded the Florida Association of Ticketing (FLOAT) in 2007 and also chaired the INTIX Orlando Conference in 2013.

The presentation documentation has been posted to the Worldwide Ticketcraft website.


The information includes a PDF copy of the complete presentation:


And, includes the 20 printable documents designed in Microsoft® Word: