Tickets as Invitations


Need a slightly new twist on your event invitations? Well, you can create your own large commemorative styled tickets for your next birthday, rehearsal dinner, Superbowl party or Sweet 16. Remember how special it was to hold those precious tickets in your hand before a concert or a basketball game? Give your guests a memento to your special occasion. These over-sized ticket styled invitations include a barcode and “ADMIT ONE” in the design, but best of all, you get to design them yourself, online. Upload images of your loved one or a company logo. Set the text, size, color and even include directions and a map on the back of the ticket to your event.

Want to run a raffle? Add the number 0001 to any line in the body and to the one line in the stub and we will make sure that you get sequential numbering on that line. These invitation styled tickets are offered in much lower quantities so you can order as few as 24 and as many as you like. You can even order the envelopes right along side them. Click the image and give our ordering process a try. As always, we would love your feedback.

Proud Sponsor of the Hockey Championship Team

Worldwide Ticketcraft proudly sponsors a Men’s Hockey Team, appropriately named Team Worldwide. After a long 18 game season and two playoff rounds, Team Worldwide won the league Championship! Members of the team from our company include Jason Shoats, VP of Sales and Marketing, Fred Deluck, Fulfillment Specialist and Erik Covitz, President. All 3 scored a goal in the 4-1 championship win over the Sharks. We salute and raise our hockey sticks to the Winners.

Worldwide Sponsor

Yes, we really do play ice hockey in Florida!